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Lucia Popp - Ach, ich fühl´s - PAMINA

É que... como há um bocado falei de Anjos... não poderia deixar de falar destre outro...
Nesta ária ouvem-se bem as suas maravilhas. Única!!! Delícia do espírito.

The irreplaceable Lucia Popp sings the beautifull aria from "Die Zauberflöte" - Vienna State Opera 1983

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Synopsis: Act 2; Hearing the playing of Tamino's flute, Pamina finds and meets Tamino. Her heart is broken when he refuses to speak to her, not knowing that he has taken a vow of silence in-order to pass a test and win her love. When she approaches him and he apparently ignores her, she sings that she feels as if her life is over.

Notes: Ach, ich fühl's, is considered one of the most beautiful pieces of music in the Magic Flute, and perhaps in all of Mozart Opera. The Orchestral accompaniment presses forward as if desperate heart was beating, and when coupled with the lyric vocal line, shows us Pamina's pain and longing for Tamino.

English Translation of German Text

Ach, ich fühl's, es ist verschwunden, (Oh, I feel it, it disappeared)

Ewig hin der Liebe Glück! (Gone forever is love¹s luck!)

Nimmer kommt ihr Wonnestunde (Never again comes the blissful hour)

Meinem Herzen mehr zurück! (Back to my heart!)

Sieh', Tamino, diese Tränen, (See, Tamino, these tears,)

Fließen, Trauter, dir allein! (Flowing, beloved, for you alone!)

Fühlst du nicht der Liebe Sehnen, (You do not feel the chords of love,)

So wird Ruh' im Tode sein! (Thus there will be peaceful rest in death!)

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